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Welcome to the Fall/Winter season with AZ USSSA.

Congratulations are in order for last season's State Champions; 10U Open - Az Cougars (white), 12U Open - Suncats 2000, 14&UB - Wicked, 16&UB - Wildfire (orange) and 18U Open - AZ. Bandits, Congratulations!!! As we move into the fall we have a few showcases of interest. The American Desert Showcase will use the same format of last year as many J. C. teams will be playing in it as well as watching your players! In November, we will again be holding the Metro Phx Championship, with rings going to the winners as well as The "Rip It" College Showcase. November also brings the Thanksgiving Shootout Showcase, this is a new event taking place the day after the On Deck Jamboree all being held in Peoria. We anticipate between 20 - 40 College Coaches attending. There will be all-star games!!

If ever you do need our assistance, please feel free to call,
Warren - 602-909-2008
Rick - 602-487-2564
Katie - 602-510-6380